Student’s Report on Inauguration

From CeCe Powell via Email on 1/22/2009

Hello: I wanted to check-in to Birmingham all the way from Baltimore, MD (where we are staying).. My journey began on Monday January 19th: We flew out of Birmingham and landed in Baltimore welcomed by the cold, ice and snow. We ended our Monday night by traveling into Annapolis, to see the sight of were Kunta Kinte (Roots) was dropped off and attending a concert for an underground artist by the name of Eric Roberson at The Ram’s Head.

Tuesday January 20th: The day begins at 3:30 am and I believe I just put on 5 lbs of clothing, as I layer away. By 4:45 am, 7 passengers are now traveling to catch the Metro (subway) at College Station. People are standing in line for about 20 minutes to get train passes, but luckily we already had our train passes. We arrive to Union Station shortly after 5 am, there are several vendors selling everything from T-Shirts to Hot Hands, not to forget about all the port-a-potties. We travel through the tunnels headed toward the mall, with cheers of hope, joy and jubilation among hundreds of thousands of millions of people. As I look around I am surrounded by Hispanics, Asians, Caucasians and African Americans. People are dancing, eating and and piling on top of each other to stay warm, gradually people begin to chant “Obama.” Flags begin to fly, tears begin to fall as we begin to watch history. The crowds cheers and as Jimmy Carter comes out, there are boos as George Sr. name is announced, the cheers return as Clinton walks out and now we hear even louder boos as George W. makes his way out. The crowd now chants “Na Na hey hey goodbye.” There was an estimate of 1.5 million people at the inauguration and over 800,000 people traveled by the subway. Two minor problems, it is freezing cold, this is a different type of cold, one that I have never experienced and it takes us about 2 hours to hop back on the subway, but luckily there is a Starbucks close by. The bathroom line is longer than the lane to place an order for hot chocolate, I never would have thunk it!

Hope you enjoy my story and I’m working on a collage of pictures for the radio show and the school newspaper with another student, so hopefully you will get to see the finished product.

Bundled in Baltimore,

CeCe Powell


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