Success for UAB Blazers at SEJC (Southeast Journalism Conference)

Last week we had good news and bad news. The good news was that class was shortened. The bad news was that there was a quiz before the class was shortened. The good news is that most folks did pretty well on the quiz. The bad news is that your were left with a lot of homework.

Your instructor was in Nashville for the Southeast Journalism Conference, a three-day confabulation that focused on student journalists through a variety of symposia, on-site competitions, and education outside the classroom.

UAB sent a team of six Blazer journalists who captured ninth overall in the on-site competition. Alex Headley won first place in Journalism Ethics, Mark Trammell captured second for entertainment writing and Kristina Wastrack won third for news writing. The team also brought home accolades for alum Jason Lewis for page design and Kristi Houk for feature writing.

Meanwhile at the conference, Attorney Doug Pierce presented a program on the legalities of copyright and how this impacts publishers, editors, reporters and other media folks. He briefed the audience on a number of applicable case studies.

Bill Elsen, a retired editor for the Washington Post counseled students on how to create cover letters and resumes that work. His advice: toss out what is taught by Career Services and treat your objective of getting a job in media like a reporter tackles a tough story. It’s work and there are no shortcuts

Other programs held concurrently looked at the fall presidential debates that were hosted by Belmont College, the host institution for the conference and Ole Miss, as well as new media and broadcasting.

Amy Webb (and, if this isn’t a new media name, I don’t know what is) of Webb Media Group provided a brilliant and engaging keynote talk on Valentine’s Day that provided a cogent view of journalism’s future using technologies ranging from Twitter to high tech bar codes to taking journais on the road through mobile and handheld devices, and learning to brand yourself and finding your own niche in new media.

I really like technology speakers, especially when they post highlights from their presentation along wiht bonus material on a web site… so CLICK HERE to check it out.

Good stuff. Practical for anyone considering a future in media.


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