It’s a matter of record…

Newspapers often pride themselves as prodiving the “record” of news, critical events and information. So, how does a print publication of record fare in a modern environment where print seems to be becoming a vanishing breed?

Perhaps no single publishing entity has held the distinction of being the the “newspaper of record” than The New York Times.

Often referred to as the “Gray Lady” of journalism — called “gray” because it columns were filled to capacity with news and more news, befitting its motto of “all the news that’s fit to print.”

But how well does this standard stack up in a modern world with a evolving method of content delivery through the Web and other electronic means?

Surprisingly well, according to Media Memo on the All Things Digital web site. A blog entry by Peter Kafka explains how in an interesting post linked HERE.

As the once staid and stodgy newspaper adapts to the 24-hours news cycle of continuous reporting and content updates, the Time has deported itself admirable as being the internet portal of record.


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