Internet advertising will not be successful

Internet advertising is a failing model, says a blogger on TeleCrunch.

I found out about this posting by reading the Facebook status update for old friend Richard Beene, president of the Bakersfield Californian. Facebook does have its serious uses.

Beene and hundreds of other emdia professionals are trying to figure out how to “monetize” the web. (Don’t get me started on the word “monetize” — suffice it to say that adding “ize” to a perfectly good noun is a really lame attempt to create a verb. Enough of my mini-rant.)

So, why do we have to make money from the web publishing cycle? Well, contributors probably would like to get paid. Web pros would like to afford lunch. And, publishers would like to show a return for their stockholders or stakeholders.

But, guest blogger Eric Clemons on TeleCrunch claims the conventional advertising model is doomed to failure… primarily for three reasons — People don’t trust, don’t want and don’t need advertising. There might be a ton of truth in this contention in our wired society.

Clemons suggests alternative models that might success based on subscriptions to grab timely content, selling hard to find things — like a pair of Size 20 basketball shoes — directly on the web, and selling content via micropurchases, like the 99 cents one pays for a new iTunes release.

One thing for the, the new world of electronic connectivity will turn the world on its head. All in all, an interesting read with, perhaps, more questions than solutions.


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