Stewart inherits Cronkite’s mantle. Say wha?

Time Magazine polls lists Jon Stewart as nation’s top newscaster. The poll apparently came as an afterthought that wondered aloud who is the most trusted man in America after the death of Walter Cronkite.

Shocking as it might seem, Jon Stewart probably IS the best newscaster on TV.

Here’s what you get in a 30-minute show: 10 minutes of headlines; 10 minutes of features/skits; and 10-minutes of interview with a newsmaker.

Sure, he makes the points with humor, and he’s quick to call his schtick “fake news,” but there is a lot of TRUTH amongst the jokery.

Who else could get a youthful audience to pause and listen to what newsmaker and headline makers have to say on a daily basis.

That puts him in good company.

  • Jonathan Swift pierced the foibles of 18th Century England with his satire.
  • Mark Twain denounced slavery and 19th century mores through his bucolic narratives.
  • Kurt Vonnegut made the case against war, governmental intrusion, and social failings in his novels.
  • Columnist Art Buchwald punctured official Washingtondom on a daily basis.
  • Walt Kelly skewered the Nixon years in his comic strip Pogo.
  • George Carlin pounced on the idiocy of cultural phenomena.
  • Bill Mahr cracks wise but nonetheless guides an hour-long discussion on serious issues.

Like Stewart –These big funny guys all have one thing in common: they make you laugh AND think.


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