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Interviewing skills…

February 27, 2009

Inside the Actor’s Studio, the periodic television show, is often predictable, with host James Lipton almost fawning over his guests, tossing them softball questions and heaping much flattery upon them. However, there is one segment near the end of each show that often provides more insights into the guest than the most of the show preceding it.

And, it is from the segment that I think we all can take a lesson on how to become a more effective interviewer. The goal of an interview is to draw out a subject and have them reveal new and interesting things about themselves.



Personality profile critique & tips

February 26, 2009

Last week’s exercise in writing a personality profile about a classmate was a first real venture into writing a news piece on deadline. I have read all the stories and will return them Thursday. Based on this reading, I will offer some generalizations. However, there ae the beginning of several compelling stories in what you wrote.

Here are some tips and suggestions.


Barrack On! Some Inaugural Fun

January 22, 2009

billobama1Paste Magazine has devised a fun, interactive way to get involved — graphically speaking — with thee inauguration. Visit their web site HERE.

Click CREATE, upload a picture and you can create your own Obama Graphic Icon in the distinctive style of its creator Shepard Fairey.