2.26.09 Class Assignments


UPCOMING QUIZZES REMINDER–We will have a Midterm, Chapters 1-5, on March 5. We will review on Feb. 26.

1. READING ASSIGNMENT — Review Chapters 1-5 in preparation for your midterm.

2. ASSIGNMENTS. Complete these assignments.


  1. We will demonstrate how to set up a Homework Category in WordPress. This is where you will file subsequent assignments.
  2. We will work on rewriting the personality profiles you prepared last week. We will devote some of our lecture time so you can ask follow up questions to your profile subject. You need to rewrite your story during our lab time in Word and turn it in. PLEASE DOUBLE SPACE.
Today we will continue practice in interviewing techniques by interviewing classmates and conduct interviews. Remember the techniques and tips in eWorkbook Exercise 4-1.2
  • Students will be divided into work teams. These will be different work team than what we used last week — so you each will be introduced to a new classmate.
  • (A) Students need to spend 10 minutes thinking of and and writing down some of the questions they will ask. But be flexible to go in directions where your interview leads you.
  • (B) Students will interview each other for about 10-minutes AND take notes;
  • (C) each team member will start work or outline for about five minutes to organize their ideas;
  • (D) the team will again interview each other for another ten minutes for a primary interview, answering any questions that were left unanswered;
  • (E) each team member will write a first draft of a personality profile that includes a hook, the billboard, the body and a wrap-up.
  • (F) The first draft is due by the end of the lab session. Make two copies. One is turned in and the other you will carry with you, along with your notes and info on how to contact your subject if you need to ask followup questions.
  • (G) You may rewrite and rework your story as you see fit before the next class. Please post your story to your blog site in the newly created Homework Category by Noon next Tuesday, March 5. If you have difficulties, you may email them to me at bneville@uab.edu. Otherwise, the version you turn in will count.
  • The stories should be about 300 words long created using Word software (Save Early and Save Often on the Desktop).
  • Remember to back up what you work on.


  • Post your revised personality profile to your blog site no later than Noon Tuesday, March 3.
  • No other homework this week other than preparing for your midterm.
  • We will resume assignments next week that will be due after spring break. If you have missed any assignments from the first half of the term, this is the time to make up that work. We start second semester with a clean slate on homework

3. BLOG WORK — Make an entry in your blog before the next class period. Attempt to tie your blog to current events in news that relate to your area of interest.

  • This should be a mini-essay of 200 words or more. Include web links to sites that you mights have used in connection with developing your blog post or site that might relate to your topic.
  • Also, continue to more supplementary material to your blog site — this could be links, the “about you” information on your blog site, as well as other standard material like “about this site” that would help visitors find out more about what you are doing.

SPECIAL NOTE — Thanks to all 23 class members who have set up and are using their blogs.

Please visit <https://wgn3.wordpress.com/blogroll-for-class/> to see what you classmates are doing.


2 Responses to “2.26.09 Class Assignments”

  1. Lauren Ebben Says:

    Mr. Neville, my partner Meaghan wasnt in class on thursday when we did the assignment, and i havent been able to get in touch with her. what do i need to do to get that assignment in, can i re interview outside of class or just do it after the exam on 3/5/09. Would that be possible

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