1.29.07 Class Assignments


We visited wordpress.com and set up an account during our last lab session. Please go online today and set up your account. The instructor will demonstrate how to add some personal touches, select a theme and upload a photo. Then, in class, each student will post a first, brief blog entry.

Also, I need each class member to send an email to the instructor <bneville@uab.edu> with the web address of their blog. My address is <http://wgn3@wordpress.com>. This is the class blog and you might want to bookmark it since assignments will be posted there. You blog address will be in a similar format <YOUR_ID.wordpress.com>.

ASSIGNMENTS ONLINE @ http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0073526142/information_center_view0/

IN CLASS TODAY 1/29/2009 (Print Out and Hand In)

eWorkbook Exercise 3-1 — multiple choice

eWorkbook Exercise 3-2.1 —  Identify 5Ws

eWorkbook Exercise 3-2.3 — write a lead

eWorkbook Exercise 3-2.5 —  write a lead

HOMEWORK (Email to Instructor or Post Online BEFORE the next class by NOON 2/5/2009)

BLOG ENTRY – Write a blog entry on your personal blog. This entry should describe what you hope to do or accomplish with your blog. Specifically, what TOPIC (politics, health, sports, entertainment, religion, your neighborhood and so on) will be covered in your blogs. If you recall, I asked each class member to consider and decide on a topic that will blog on. This is the time to tell me.

eWorkbook Exercise 3-2.2  — matching (Email to bneville@uab.edu>)

eWorkbook Exercise 3-2.4  — write a lead (Email to bneville@uab.edu>)

eWorkbook Exercise 3-3.2 – 150 words news brief  (Email to bneville@uab.edu>)

eWorkbook Exercise 3-3.3  — 300 word story (Email to bneville@uab.edu>)


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