2.12.09 Class Assignments

HOME WORK 2/12/2009


Shelby Yarbrough will administer the quiz on Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 (through page 48). You are dismissed after completing the quiz. However, you do have homework. Here are the homework and exercises that are due by NOON on Wednesday, February 18.

You will have three main assignment areas

  1. Read Chapter 5, Covering the News
  2. Complete Chapter Exercises listed
  3. Work on your personal blog

1. READING ASSIGNMENT — Read Chapter 5 (Covering the News). We are jumping ahead. We will discuss Chapters 4 and 5 on Feb. 19. And we will have in-class exercises for Chapter 4 at that time.

2. ASSIGNMENTS. Please complete these assignments from Chapter 5.

ASSIGNMENTS ONLINE @ http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0073526142/information_center_view0/

CLASS EXERCISES (Send via email to bneville@uab.edu no later than NOON Wednesday, Feb 18). For the writing assignments you can use a word processor and send an attachment if you like or you can use your blog (and list the assignment as the headline).

  • eWorkbook Exercise – writing an obituary — Exercise 5-2.1
  • eWorkbook Exercise —  writing a longer obituary — Exercise 5-2.2
  • eWorkbook Exercise – writing an advance obituary — Exercise 5-2.3
  • eWorkbook Exercise —  writing an accident story — Exercise 5-3
  • eWorkbook Exercise —  writing a fire story — Exercise 5-4
  • eWorkbook Exercise —  writing a natural disaster story — Exercise 5-5
  • eWorkbook Exercise – writing an initial missing person story — Exercise 5-7.1
  • eWorkbook Exercise – writing a follow up missing person story — Exercise 5-7.2

3. BLOG WORK — Make an entry in your blog before the next class period. This should be a mini-essay of 200 words or more. Include web links to sites that you mights have used in connection with developing your blog post or site that might relate to your topic.

Also, complete the “about you”  information on your blog site, as well as other standard material like “about this site” that would help visitors find out more about what you are doing.

SPECIAL NOTE — Thanks to the 18 class members who have set up and are using their blog. Please visit <https://wgn3.wordpress.com/blogroll-for-class/> to see what you classmates are doing. If you name is NOT INCLUDED on the blogroll. send me your blog address immediately to bneville@uab.edu.


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