3.19.09 Class Assignments


1. READING ASSIGNMENT — Review Chapter 7 in preparation next week’s class discussion.


3. HOMEWORK EXERCISES (WRITING PRACTICE) Due by Noon on Tuesday, March 24.

4. PLAN UPCOMING WRITING ASSIGNMENT — We will be preparing a feature story about an individual during the final part of the term. This might be a teacher, coach, pastor, volunteer, student, grandparent, or just about anybody with an interesting story to tell.

  • You will need to identify this individual.
  • You will identify yourself as a member of the press and and tell you subject that this story might be printed.
  • Make arrangements to interview them.
  • Prepare a list of questions in advance that will be turned in.
  • Conduct follow up interviews as warranted.
  • Talk to and interview at least TWO people who know and/or are associated with the subject.
  • The final story should be about 300-400 words and must have three sources.
  • You will also turn in you notes, and provide contact information in case the instructor wants to contact them directly.

We are starting this project now — so let me have questions and concerns you might have entering this project.


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