3.26.09 Class Assignments


1. Quiz Reminders — We will have a quiz on April 2 covering Chapters 6 and 7. Our final quiz will be April 23 on Chapters 8, 9 and 10. There is no quiz on April 16 as announced in the Syllabus (that quiz is being combined into the April 23 quiz).

2. READING ASSIGNMENT — Review Chapter 8 in preparation next week’s class discussion.

3. LAB DEMONSTRATION — More on WordPress formatting and blogs

  • Pasting in Word copy
  • Clipping your stories to feature more topics
  • Providing links to related web sites

4. HOMEWORK EXERCISES (Due by Noon on Tuesday, March 31)

  • eWorkbook Exercise – press rights — Exercise 7.1
  • eWorkbook Exercise –reporter’s guide to trouble — Exercise 7.2
  • eWorkbook Exercise – understanding libel — Exercise 7.3
  • eWorkbook Exercise – invasion of privacy — Exercise 7.4
  • eWorkbook Exercise – copyright and trademark law — Exercise 7.5

5. DUE NEXT WEEK ON OR BEFORE CLASS ON APRIL 2 — We will be preparing a feature story about an individual during the final part of the term. This might be a teacher, coach, pastor, volunteer, student, grandparent, or just about anybody with an interesting story to tell. This project will be similar to the personality profiles you wrote of classmates; however, it is expected that it will be more detailed and thorough, using multiple sources.

  • Identify the subject of your news feature project. Please provide name, contact information, and a short paragraph stating why this individual would make a good subject for a story.
  • Contact the individual to make sure they agree to be interviewed
  • Prepare a list of 12 questions — other than biographical questions — to be turned in.
  • We will review your questions during lab in one-on-one mini-conferences

PRIMARY WORK ON WRITING ASSIGNMENT — Start on this AFTER you have identified the subject and  drafted your questions. You should start this by April 2 and will have two weeks to complete a finished story, with a draft due April 9 and the final story on April 16.

  • Conduct a primary interview, gather information
  • Talk to and interview at least TWO people who know and/or are associated with the subject.
  • Conduct a follow up interview with the subject (by phone if necessary) to as follow-up questions
  • Prepare a first draft of your story of about 600 words with the idea that this will be edited and refined into a final product or 400 words or more.
  • The first draft is due no later than April 9, to be turned in along with a copy of your notes.
  • The final story should be about 400-500 words and must have three sources, all identified, to be turned in April 16. Any story turned in after this deadline will be subject to a substantial grading penalty.

One Response to “3.26.09 Class Assignments”

  1. kmb1984 Says:

    Hey Professor Neville, how do you want us to structure our interviews? Q&A or what? I want to make sure I’m doing it right. Also, I have more than 2 interviews with people who know my interview subject. Is that ok or should I just pick the best two? If you could let me know via email that would be great. Thanks!

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