3.5.09 Class Assignments


1. READING ASSIGNMENT — Review Chapters 6 in preparation the final weeks of the semester.

2. ASSIGNMENTS. Some folks still owe me their second personality profile we worked on in the lab portion of class on 2/26.

3. WRITING ASSIGNMENT — We will be preparing a feature story about an individual during the final part of the term. This might be a teacher, coach, pastor, volunteer, student, grandparent, or just about anybody with an interesting story to tell.

  • You will need to identify this individual.
  • You will identify yourself as a member of the press and and tell you subject that this story might be printed.
  • Make arrangements to interview them.
  • Prepare a list of questions in advance that will be turned in.
  • Conduct follow up interviews as warranted.
  • Talk to and interview at least TWO people who know and/or are associated with the subject.
  • The final story should be about 300-400 words and must have three sources.
  • You will also turn in you notes, and provide contact information in case the instructor wants to contact them directly.

We will start this project on our return from Spring Break — until then, have a safe one… and be sure to file a blog posting about what you do over the break.


One Response to “3.5.09 Class Assignments”

  1. Miranda Bucy Says:

    Hey Mr. Neville,
    I won’t be in class today. The rain last week leaked into my roof and subsequently a rather large part of the ceiling in my sunroom decided to cave in and fall on my cat, so I have to be home to let the maintenance men in and then take my cat to the vet.
    Anyways, my interview topic will be Pam Stallings. She’s my boss at The Nick. She started there as a waitress about 20 years ago and worked her way up to half owner. I think it will be an interesting interview, to say the least.
    Have a nice day,
    PS-is it possible for you to tell me what I got on my midterm?

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